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      I know in Michigan if the teen has a license, his name must be added to

      the insurance policy, or he needs to have his own policy. The reason is

      that teens are much more likely to get into accidents, and the

      insurance company needs to make sure the person is insured. Not all

      policy’s cover anyone driving the car, so call Geico and ask.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Annette” wrote:


      > i live in alabama and i have geico auto insurance. my son just


      > 16 and got his license. do i have to add him to my insurance? a

      > friend with grown children told me that he never added his teen

      > drivers b/c they were minors and the cars they drove belonged to him

      > not them. so he insured his vehicles not the teen drivers. we can

      > barely afford our insurance as it is and i am afraid we won’t be able

      > to afford the policy if we had him.

      > TIA,

      > annette in alabama

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