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      i know zicam isnt a budget item, but i swear by that stuff. we were all

      getting sick in the last few days and used it and we are fine now. except

      my little one who had it first and i think i caught too late, but even he

      didnt get it too bad. does anyone else swear by it or use something just as

      good that is cheaper? i guess it is a budget item since it saves us money

      from going to the dr. we used to stay sick for 4 months out of the year

      passing a bug back and forth, and praise the lord and knock on wood, we

      havent been sick since we started using it in march!!


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      >I paid for my son’s insurance. This was quite a while ago when it wasn’t


      > high and was only on his car which was an older model. He was an athlete

      > so was quite busy. This was my deal with him. I pay for your basic

      > insurance but if the cost goes up because of your bad

      > driving/negligence/etc. then I won’t pay for any of it.


      > He also drove his younger sister around and one night a week they both

      > went

      > to the grocery store for me, unloaded the groceries, and put them away.

      > That was great for me. If they used coupons they got to keep the money.

      > Of

      > course there were restrictions on that – we had to actually need/use the

      > stuff they bought with coupons.


      > I never had any problems with him. When he graduated from high school he

      > was on his own with the insurance.


      > Nancy





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