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      thanks for replying monique. I am going to call geico and talk to them about it. I am sure theyWANT me to insure both vehicles and drivers, and I am sure it is best to insure both.

      I just don’t know if I can afford to. Alabama law requires that I carry liability coverage on my vehicles, which I do, but I thought it covered any driver with a valid license. the catch may be the household thing, I’ll have to check.

      I guess I could drop the optional uninsured motorist coverage that I carry on all our vehicles, as that would help offset the cost. My deal with the kids about their vehicles is that they pay for the vehicle and I pay their insurance as long as they are in school. this is to encourage them togo tocollege. my 20yod is still in college and hasa 1992 toyota paseo, and a2000 nissan sentra, my 18yo has a 1995 ford explorer, and my 16yoshas a 1997 4wd
      chevrolet tahoe.

      these vehicles are in my name but they worked and paid for them, they are not financed. when my 18yo went in the marinesI called to have him taken off of our policy. when I asked the agent about him driving our vehicles when he was on leave I was told that unless he was going to be home for a long time, I didn’t have to add him back.

      so this seemed to reinforce what my friend had told me. annette in alabama

      Monique wrote: From an insurance agent licensed in 45 states – including al.

      it depends upon whether or not you want your insurance company to pay a claim if he is involved in an accident. you are required to pay a premium for drivers that you want to be covered by your insurance, as long as they are household members. if you don’t want him to be covered by your insurance, then sign an exclusion form, which states that if he drives for any reason, including an emergency, he is not covered.

      currently, if he is stopped by the police, and is asked to present proof of insurance, and he presents your card, but isn’t a covered driver on your policy, then he is committing a crime.

      insurance insures both the vehicles and the drivers. your friend, though, was lucky. apparently, his children were never involved in accidents.

      remember, too, that your insurance company will defend you when you are sued, because you’re the parent of the

      you’re taking a huge risk by going the route you’re asking about. and, that risk isn’t worth it.

      i’ve seen many claims denied, many policies cancelled, and many parents finances ruined forever for not wanting to pay the premium. your other option is to have him turn in his license or pay the insurance himself.

      on dec 13, 2007 4:40 PM, Annette <titus2momof6@yahoo.com> wrote:

      i live in alabama and i have geico auto insurance.

      my son just turned
      16 and got his license. do i have to add him to my insurance? a
      friend with grown children told me that he never added his teen
      drivers b/c they were minors and the cars they drove belonged to him
      not them.

      so he insured his vehicles
      not the teen drivers. we can
      barely afford our insurance as it is and i am afraid we won’t be able
      to afford the policy if we had him.
      annette in alabama

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