Board Rules & Regs Abbreviations – What they Mean!

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    Welcome to the New Members on board…

    Here are some abbreviations you may find on Budget 101:

    myo: make your own

    mix: means you mix it up and store it until you need it

    : in my opinion

    jaw: just add water

    imho: in my humble opinion

    iso: in search of (this is what you write in the subject line
    when your looking for a recipe! it gets my attention quickly!)

    oamc: once a month cooking

    tnt: tried and true (please note the difference between tnt &

    t-n-t: tips-n-tricks

    rec: recipe

    oyo: on your own.. (meaning.. i haven’t tried it, and i can’t
    back it up!)

    request: this is an item that someone on list (or the website requested

    There are many more, but these are some of the most confusing…

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Board Rules & Regs Abbreviations – What they Mean!