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      Welcome to the New Members on board…

      Here are some abbreviations you may find on Budget 101:

      myo: make your own

      mix: means you mix it up and store it until you need it

      imo: in my opinion

      jaw: just add water

      imho: in my humble opinion

      iso: in search of (this is what you write in the subject line
      when your looking for a recipe! it gets my attention quickly!)

      oamc: once a month cooking

      tnt: tried and true (please note the difference between tnt &

      t-n-t: tips-n-tricks

      rec: recipe

      oyo: on your own.. (meaning.. i haven’t tried it, and i can’t
      back it up!)

      request: this is an item that someone on list (or the website requested

      There are many more, but these are some of the most confusing…

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      Ok, I’m sure this is a silly question, but what does “DH” stand for? I know it refers to your husband but I can’t figure out what it stands for. Am I just completely computer illiterate?

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      Hi rtebalt
      My understanding of (DH) is Dear Husband….Thats what I have used on other forums. And when I yahoo.

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      I had a friend who used to call her hubby DA before they split up lol funny thing is he never figured out what it stood for

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      Janice Terrell

      My ex-husbands first two initials were da. everyone called him da. it was just too funny.

      he never knew what they were rederring to.

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      Thanks that cleared up some questions.

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      @rtebalt 83749 wrote:

      Ok, I’m sure this is a silly question, but what does “dh” stand for? i know it refers to your husband but i can’t figure out what it stands for. am i just completely computer illiterate?

      dh – dear hubby
      dd – dear daughter
      ds – dear son
      ddl – dear daughter-inlaw
      dgs – dear grandson
      dgd – dear grandaughter
      etc., etc., etc.

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      @rtebalt 83749 wrote:

      Ok, I’m sure this is a silly question, but what does “dh” stand for? i know it refers to your husband but i can’t figure out what it stands for. am i just completely computer illiterate?

      don’t feel bad, i didn’t understand either.. i kept guessing.. then i read farther down and it made sense.


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      Thank you so much for this information cause I would have been lost…..

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      Okay. Found this page and I was like “Oh. So there are these kinds of abbreviation, eh?”

      Thanks dear forumers. I’ll try to call my hubby as “DH” when he arrives. Let’s see if he knows.


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      One of my favorite couponing abbreviations is YMMV. I’ve heard it stands for “Your Mileage May Vary” – loose translation: “This worked for me in my store but you may not be so lucky!”

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      oh now i understand! my kids know more of this kind of stuff than i do. 🙁

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      I was just browsing the grocery guide, can anyone tell me what “must use AC” means?

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      @magpaine 206051 wrote:

      I was just browsing the grocery guide, can anyone tell me what “must use AC” means?

      It means that you must use it “after coupon”. Sometimes you can “stack” coupons, but you have to use them in the right order to get the full benefit of the stack.

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      Wow. This was so incredibly helpful! I have seen people write DH so many times and had no clue what they were referring to!

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      Now that I read what the abbreviations mean…they make sense.
      Level writing I might add.

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      I first saw DH used when reading things by the FlyLady. I can’t recommend her enough – she’s really saved my bacon as far as learning to run my house. She has two books (usually available from the library – look for Marla Cilley) and a free website as well.

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      HD stands for Darling Husband

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      Thank you for this info also!:D

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      Thanks! This will make a great reference, if I forget them.

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      Mrs. Birdie

      I hope I can remember these. Unfortunately I’m pretty computer illiterate and I have a sick Mom so don’t always have much to time to be on my computer. I love this site though.

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      thanx for the info very helpful as i have no idea what im doing on so many levels!

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      Thanks getting more interesting as I go along.

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      Thanks for clear that up

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      I so needed this! Thank you!

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      Thank you for this post I am pretty dumb when it comes to figuring these out lol

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      Thank you for this list, I knew a few of them. It is helpful.

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      Good to know, would have been terribly confused myself.

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      Very helpful!!! I would have been wondering!!!

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      I would have been wondering about some of them, esp the tnt and t-n-t. Thank you for posting this list!

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      Very good to have a ref. that is easy to find and use.

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      This was helpful! I’m sorry in couldn’t find the thanks button.

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      thank you! will be helpful in navigation

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      Learning new things all the time!

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      Thanks for explaining the abbreviations!!

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      Thanks, very useful.

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      Thanks for clearing that up for me… more guessing!!

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      Thank you for the info

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      Thanks for the tips!

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      Thanks for the abbreviations tutorial!

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      Thank you, that is very helpful!

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      It can be hard to keep up with so many abbreviations so thanks for the info

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      Thanks for the explanation- Being a nurse we have a whole language of our own pertaining to abbreviation’s so I was really scratching my head.

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      Thanks for this information.

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      Thank you for the information 🙂 Very helpful!!

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      I need a dictionary for all these abbreviations lol

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      Thanks! And I thought French was difficult! 🙂

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      O.k. got them written down so as I don’t forget them .Thanks .

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      Good to know what all those abbreviations mean.

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      Wow thank you I’m not very good at abbreviations….

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      Thank you for this post I have asked several people what ISO meant and no one would tell me!

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      THANKS for asking this. I have come across those abbreviations many times and have had no clue what they referred to.

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      Have join ed momento ago and am learning new things al ready. Thank s floks!

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      I have a hard time with the new texting abbreviations, so I guess I’ll be adding more post-its to my monitor. It already looks like a yellow frame of information. But in time im sure i’ll have them memorized.

      Thanks for the information.

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      Thank you Hope I can remember them lol

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      Wow! Thanks! I picked up a few just now too.

      :)) It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a forum before. It’s been about 15 years actually. Crazy the internet has been around that long already.

      Well, at any rate, thanks for the tips!! :))

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      O.k. now I am beginning to understand! Are there any other men who use these abbreviations?

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      thanks, I would have been dreadfully confused

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      I’m glad I went to see what the abbreviations were cause I find them confusing sometimes. You would think we text messaging, which I’m horrible at, I would have some idea on things, not the case. Thanks for posting them.

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      Thanks! Now I won’t have to call one of my three daughters and ask them what an abbreviation means! Lol!

      But they are used to this common occurance.

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      Patricia Ballas

      Thanks though my rating is higher than a newbie I have been away due to personal family crisis and this is extremely helpful for me.

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      thanks for the information good to know the abbreviations.

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      wow! i know lol laugh out loud! i guess i am in for alittle schooling.

      thank you for the info.

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      I’m new and I love the abbreviations!

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      I am glad that I read this, I know what different abbreviations mean now. Thanks

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      Very helpful info for newbies to the site like me. Reminds me of early days in nursing school, having to memorize all the medical jargon & medical abbreviations, but far simpler! LOL!😜

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