Stuff I’d Like to See General Aarp ?

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    I’ve been recieveing alot of snail mail about aarp.

    i used to read the magazine at my father’s home before he past a few years ago. and found it pretty interesting.

    aarp offers: health, travel, baby boomers, elections, financial planning …

    but i have a few questions now. does anyone out here use any of these services or their parents ? and what kind of experiences have you or they had with aarp ?

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    My parents are members. They get all sorts of discounts on plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars & other stuff.

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    I joined for 1 year to get discounts on hotels and stuff but found I got bigger discounts for other reasons that I didn’t have to pay for so didn’t renew. I don’t have time to read the couple magazines I already get so sure didn’t need another!

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    Thanks for your input on this one brchbell. I have a few resources to get discounts also. So I was looking to see if anyone got a better discount thur this one.

    I’ll have to keep my eyes opened on this.

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    Yep, we’re members, DH reads the magazine each month and we have used them for some discounts. Membership fee is not much (can’t remember what we paid) One benefit is that we get our taxes done free each year. Used to do them ourselves but now that it involves 40lK, bonds, stock losses, Soc Security etc.

    etc. it gets too complicated. Figure just that benefit covers the cost of membership.

    Don’t get their medigap insurance without checking around first though, we were able to beat their price.

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    one benefit is that we get our taxes done free each year.

    and where are these done? thanks, scooping up all the info i can get.

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    anyone know how much it is to join?

    my taxes run $130+


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    The cost to join AARP for one year is $12.50
    their website is AARP: Health, Travel, Baby Boomers, Elections, Financial Planning, Family, Games, Volunteer, Retirement, Discounts, Seniors
    it has lots of info
    there is a place you can click to get local info for your state, it will give you the main office number and address. you can call them toll-free. The site also has a listing where taxes are done (usually at a church or a library) for your area starting Feb 1st and a ph # to make appointments.

    This is based on your zip code. I suggest you call early as appts fill up fast. We have had them do our taxes for at least the past 4 years.

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    Oh my gosh, that green type is a link, how did I do that?? lol I guess typing in the web site address does it, huh?? I just learned something.

    What I know about computers could fit in a thimble.

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    I belong to AARP and have their insurance and prescription discount programs. I get my money’s worth. Not too keen on some of their political stances though.

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    Is it a one sided view here ?

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    IMO, but younger people might like it more. I don’t know.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Aarp ?