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      Try dusting with an old pair of pantyhose. They are
      perfect for lifting away dust bunnies and pet hair from
      under the stove and in the corners of floors. Simply pull
      a pair over the bristles of your broom.

      Secure them with a
      rubber band, swipe to catch the dust and then toss them!

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      I have used this method to wipe down the wall & baseboard behind tall, heavy furniture that I can’t move. Also, works great for cobwebs and dust that can hang from your ceiling.

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      Gosh, never thought of using them that way, I use masking tape to tape a swiffer cloth onto a yardstick to get under my stove without taking the drawer out and under the fridge and washer/ dryer. Always a buildup of doghair under there. Will start saving my hose for the yardstick now.

      Thanks for the tip.

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      One time I made an oval braided rug using the legs of panty hose. It’s a nice rug but don’t do it!!! i never regretted doing anything so much.

      ok when it’s small but the bigger it gets the worse it gets. don’t know why i felt like i had to keep going!!!

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      My mom and my grandma always used them to tie peony bushes up so they wouldn’t be all over the ground

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      my mom and my grandma always used them to tie peony bushes

      that’s a good idea, i’ll have to remember that one.
      bet there are more uses for old pantyhose. does anyone else have any ideas for old panthose ?

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      Put all the slivers of bar soap down in the toe, tie a knot and use in the bath or shower. Oh – cut off excess pantyhose!!!

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      great for keeping onions separated and dry, knot in between and cut as you need them.

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      I know we’re talking about uses for old hose, but I have used new knee highs to strain cooled oil after frying, then just wash in the sink with the rest of the dishes, rinse and reuse. Not frying as much as I used to so haven’t done it for awhile and forgot all about it.

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      put all the slivers of bar soap down in the toe, tie a knot and use in the bath or shower.

      janice i remember doing this in girls scouts, at camp. thanks for the memory tap. hadn’t thought about doing this at the house.

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      I use old panty hose as lintfilter for the washmaschine hose. Just cut it off, and attach it too hose, with wire or string. A washmachine repair man told me that pantyhose is better then the filter that you can buy, because the mesh ist finer and it keeps more lint in.

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      uses for old hose and tights. OMG I have so many uses and never have enough hose. I cut them into rings to use for huge rubber bands to hold all sorts of stuff, if you cut it wide enough it doesnt ravel apart.

      pretty color or texture ones can be cut into rings to give to my kids to weave things with using a nail loom. I sling large tomatoes in the garden to keep them from breaking the vines, tie up tomatoes, sling melons to support them because I grow those up a chain fence and if you sling them up they dont get broken, dry rot from sitting on the ground or eaten by critters. Tie up all sorts of plants.

      I keep a knee high under the sink stuffed full of plastic bags to keep them tidy, use them in the car as emergency bungie cords, and my then there’s my favorite use: cut a round shape, stuff it with fiber fill and take a needle and thread and start sculpting a face. If you play around with it you can get all sorts of faces from babies to witches to everything in between you can even make different ethnic groups from different colors. then craft some sort of hair and you have a head.


      I have made cute pins and decorations for baby showers, Halloween decorations and Christmas ornaments, and I have made dolls by attaching a homemade body; these were the heads to almost all of the dolls that my girls played with and loved. They actually preferred these to the store bought ones they got at Christmas.

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