A Thought About Sodas

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      Hello Everyone,

      I am fairly new to the group and have been enjoying the following
      discussions currently underway.
      I had a thought though about the sodas and how several seem to be
      interested in the coupons available to get these drinks on sale.
      During a recent study with my ex husband having kidney stones I found
      out that these soft drinks are very hard on the body.

      One 12 ounce soda does many things to the body many of us would not
      think about.
      1st – the caffiene dehydrates the body
      2nd – the acidity itself takes calcium away from the bones in the body
      3rd – it takes 3 times as much water to nuetralize the acid in the
      soda so that it stops harming the body.
      4th – sugar isn’t really that good for you – I think there is 4 times
      as much sugar in soda as there is in koolaid.
      5th – if it has an artificial sweetener that is even worse. certain
      sweeteners when processed by the body form poisons/toxins.

      I won’t say that we do not buy soda because my family LOVES rootbeer.
      However, quantities are definitely limited a great deal due to the
      fact that my three olders boys will be susceptible to kidney stones.

      Thanks for listening —
      Heather in Texas

      “Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons – For you are crunchy and
      good with Ketchup!”

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