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      A friend of mine, who is an avid gardener, always makes me and my friends jealous of the awesome tomatoes he grows. He finally let us in on his secret and now we are all growing big, juicy tomatoes. Here is the secret.

      Once you have dug the hole for your tomato plant, add 2 tablespoons of Epson Salts into the hole. Cover the Epson salt with approx. an inch of soil, then plant your tomato plant.

      Now sit back and watch your tomatoes grow.

      Do not try using table salt, Kosher salt, or any other salt other than Epson Salt.

      Happy Growing.

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      This tip does work. I’ve been doing it for years. I plant tomatoes in the same spot.

      The plants bare large very sweet tomatoes.

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      I wish I would have seen this before I planted my tomatoes! Do you have any tips for once they are planted?

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      In France we put stinging nettles into the hole where we plant the tomatoes. We also make a decotion of stinging nettles and water them with it diluted when they are growing.
      you need a barrel with lid ,a good dose of courage and rubber gloves, a good clothpeg for your nose, one measure of nettles picked before the end of june, (before they flower when they ‘re good and strong. Unfortunately this is also the time they sting the most!) 10 parts of water.

      Put the nettles in a barrel with a lid with the water and keep it shut for 10 to 15 days in the shade.Then you filter the juice (it will smell awfull) and use it diluted ten parts water to one part juice to water the tomatoes once a week until the autumn.
      This decoction can be used to boost a lot of veg that way but it works wonders on tomatoes.
      You can also spray it undiluted on plants to get rid of pests.

      Good gardening!

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      That’s an interesting way to recycle and regrow. And , protect. Thank you 😀

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      That’s quite interesting! I’ll have to try it this year when planting tomato plants. So, evidently tomatoes are only needing one extra nutrient to thrive like you say.

      Awesome, I can’t wait. Thanks.;^)

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      I found by adding sea sand to the soil that you are growing tomatoes in works just as well, especially cherry tomatoes..

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      My dad made a fish emulsion from the fish scraps left after cleaning his fish, he had the biggest and prettiest tomato’s !

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Gardening & Landscaping A little secret for Growing Awesome Tomatoes