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      My sister passed away earlier this summer so we’ve become sort of responsible for keeping an eye out on her surviving adult children. One child is special needs and other is probably ADD. I have never been told the exact details.

      Any way, both are living on their own. One has state support services while the other does not. The one who does not receive support called the other day asking if I could lend her some money.

      I’ve lent money to her before and the money has never returned. She needed to buy groceries.

      Instead I dug through my pantry and gathered together some foodstuffs for her to use. It was nice to be able to send over two bags of assorted groceries without having go to the grocery store a couple days before pay day. Granted we have our savings, but we don’t touch the savings account unless there is a real need.

      Anyone else do this too?

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      Yep. Many times when I’ve been asked if someone could borrow money, of course I want to know why. I mean…not being nosy, but if you want our money that we’ve worked hard for, then I want to know why.

      Anyway, if the answer is along the lines of needing food, groceries, or something to eat…I’ll go into my handy dandy stockpile/pantry and fix that issue quick, fast, and in a hurry. Especially if there’s kids involved.
      Now…if someone gives me a silly excuse as to why they need money-answer is sorry, We can’t. End of story.
      That being said, I had an issue with a family member along those lines.

      He stated they needed food because there wasn’t anything in the house. Okay, not a problem. -that- can be fixed.

      well, as soon as i handed him the great big bag of groceries,groceries smilie he got mad!!!…!! :drogar-shock(lbg): ((you can’t even imagine my surprise and shock!))
      believe it or not, he used that excuse to attempt to get money out of me so he could take his family out that day/evening.
      role reversal time…i was the one mad then. sometimes i really don’t understand people and their reasonings.

      102 smilie
      ((years before, he actually was successful a few times before with me and other family members. that was before i saw the light and started a stockpile.))
      after that incident, everyone else in our family stopped believing the sad sob story and refused to give him money. if he actually had needed food in his house, i would’ve been the first one to help stock his cabinets.

      sorry, got de-railed for a second,- our pantry has helped others and ourselves out before, hence the reason i do as much as i can to try to keep it up.

      frugal mom-i’m so sorry to hear about your sister. and, i think it’s great of you to look out for her children.

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      Thank you for offering your condolences. My sister fought a long battle with cancer and suffered much. It was a blessing, I do believe, that she was released from her earthly bonds.

      As to your story I sure can believe it. i will give my niece the benefit of the doubt, but i often wonder what she really planned on doing with the money. giving plain old groceries solves the problem.

      i loved your tale and i am sorry you were angry, can’t blame you, but your writing was funny. i don’t blame you for being mad either and it was good that you turned the tables. perhaps your relative will think twice before offering a sob story.

      i’d love to know what you try to keep stashed away in your pantry. i’ve been trying to keep a good supply of canned meats, tuna, veggies and fruits. i also have started buying some dried foods from honeyville.

      we actually save some money as i have recipes that call for mushrooms and when i buy mushrooms they usually go bad before using them up. having dried mushrooms in storage solved that problem.

      will write more about this later, if you are interested. it’s getting late here and i am signing off soon

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      I agree and can relate.
      Of course I’m interested and would love to see more! 🙂

      As far as my pantry and stockpile..This is just a limited idea of what I try to keep on hand, but am always open to more ideas.

      various canned veggies
      various canned fruit
      some canned soups
      Hormel canned chili (Hubby loves it)
      canned sandwich fillings and/or snacks
      various canned meats
      seasonings and spices
      salt (table, Kosher, canning, pickling, seasonings, and sea salt
      dried onions and garlic
      pepper (peppercorns for grinding and restaurant style for shakers)
      dried veggies
      various dried beans
      various pastas
      various dried bean soups
      various hot cereals/grains (oatmeal, grits, farina, Bob’s red mill products, flax seed, etc)
      various cereals (ready to eat)
      crackers and popcorn kernals
      various types rice (regular and minute-Basmati, Jasmine, white, brown, wild, Arbario, medium and long grain, etc)
      powdered milk
      powdered buttermilk
      various types flour (ap, sr, bread, wheat, etc)
      cornmeal (plain, sr, corn meal mix)
      bottled water
      baking needs (baking powder, corn starch, baking soda, yeast, etc)
      powdered and brown sugar
      white granulated sugar
      dessert/snack mixes (muffin, cake, brownie, cookie, breads, etc)
      packaged gravy mixes
      packaged seasoning mixes
      splenda pkts and bags (white and brown)
      fats/oils (shortening-butter and regular, olive oils, canola, vegetable, butter, margarine, etc)
      corn and flour tortillas
      various flavored noodle and rice mixes
      dinner mixes
      beverages (coffee-ground and instant, tea bags and instant, hot cocoa mix, etc)
      various vinegars
      nutella and peanut butter
      bottled juices
      various canned jams, jellies, and marmalades
      sauces and marinades

      i know there’s more, but am drawing a blank this minute…oh well, you get the picture. 😉

      tell me about your dried foods from honeyville…what’s been your experience and what would you recommend…

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