A Fowl Week in June

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans A Fowl Week in June

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      Blue cheese-turkey burger with apple chopped salad

      Chicken thighs with caramelized onions, pasta, and broccoli

      Creamy chicken lasagna and green peas

      Hot-roasted chicken sub

      Orange- and cumin-glazed chicken, leftover pasta, and green peas

      Rosemary-roasted chicken with blood orange, boiled potatoes, and mixed veggies

      Creamy chicken lasagna (leftover from Tuesday)

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      Sounds delish! I love chicken!!! 🙂

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      I’m figuring you killed off your own flock…..hehehehe

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      lol! i would agree with you if i had chickens, but if i remember correctly, the store had made a mistake in it’s sales’ flyer on the cost of a variety of ‘chicken parts.’ they were listed at ridiculously cheap prices and i zoned in on them before they could publish a retraction!

      i think that i had ground turkey in the freezer that i had already defrosted and planned to have it;-d i’ve learned that when you see something so cheap that it has to be a mistake…hit the store before they can publish otherwise and they have to honor the price! i think that my favorite mistake to date is chicken wings for $.19/lb. Doncha know that I cleaned up on that one!

      I had Buffalo Wings for every go-to event for a year! giggle smiley

Viewing 3 reply threads
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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans A Fowl Week in June