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      Wow, are you on a budget? my bills are in the 80s but we don’t use the ac much to keep it down. debbie

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      WoW! I’d love to know what you are paying per KWH! We keep our A/C at 80 downstairs and 82 upstairs.

      Our A/c is brand new and all our bulbs and appliances are very high efficiency. Our bill was $202. we are currently paying 11c per KWH but that will increase soon as our contract for a locked in rate will expire in August. New Rates are ranging between 14c and upwards of 23c!


      may have already been talked about since I am only to this point. We
      had our air set on 76. When we got our electric bill ($180….we are
      remodeling our bathroom and don’t have a roof, insulation, or sheetrock
      so I have it closed off; we don’t have baseboards down yet, and our
      fireplace damper leaks cold air out, and our refrigerator is over 12

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