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      i am saveing up to get a newer moniter because they use less elertric,

      a new firdge because my little one just stopped working and i am

      borrowing a big one from my dad and its a energy hog, and a new hot

      water heater because the one in here is about 20 years old, my dad kept

      rebuilding it. and its a energy hog as well.

      as for the rest i keep every thing i can unplugged untill i need it

      and then its unpulged when its done. i am hopeing this will help cut

      down the bill.

      — In, “Michael Hurst” wrote:


      > I hate to tell you this, but a compute doesnt pull as much power off

      as it does on. However the computer itself doesnt use near as much

      power as the monitor does.

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