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      I keep my air at 73 degrees. I know it’s cold to most. But it’s heaven to me and I don’t care about my footprint or whatever they are calling it.Last year I kept it at 75 or 76 andmy bill isonly 20 dollars more per month this year and most of that increase is the incease in cost per unit, not the temperature difference. I simply can’t be on my feet chasing kids all day, cooking and cleaning constantly at a higher temp.

      I also need my house cooler for my seahorses. If not they would die. I could buy chillers for their tanks.

      But they are 300 dollars each.


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      From: Melissa
      Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:26 AM
      Subject: : A/C

      I am way behind in my emails however I wanted to comment on this and it
      may have already been talked about since I am only to this point. We
      had our air set on 76. When we got our electric bill ($180….we are
      remodeling our bathroom and don’t have a roof, insulation, or sheetrock
      so I have it closed off; we don’t have baseboards down yet, and our
      fireplace damper leaks cold air out, and our refridgerator is over 12
      years old) I upped the ac to 77.

      I figured one degree wasn’t going to
      kill us and it might save a few dollars. Once we got use to 77, I
      upped it to 78. Yes, my girls go around in their undies (ages 7 and 3)
      and we have the fans going but it works.

      I don’t know how much $$ we
      will be saving by lowering it only 2 degrees however when we raised it
      up to 77 for company, we were actually cold!!! the only problem i am
      having is food melting in my kitchen, lol! i have organic coconut
      cream i keep in the cabinet since it gets too hard in the fridge.

      we kept the temp on 76, it would stay at a spreadable consistancy but
      now it is pure liquid. The chocolate chips in the granola bars are
      melted, but we just deal with it. I am waiting to see the next
      electric bill to see how much of a difference it made.

      enought to save up to at least get insulation and sheet rock back up in
      the bathroom (our shower pan leaked).

      Melissa in 102 degree OK!

      I was actually getting used to it. Work I was actually cold because we
      had the A/C so low. Now at home I am actually keeping my A/C at 74
      instead of 70 .

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