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      I’m in the DFW area and we are paying 13.6 cents per KWH. Our last bill was 222.59 and I havethe a/cset at 84 during the day and 77 at night. Normally I don’t run my heater (ours is electric) that much during the winter either.

      I figure we really only have 3 to 4 really high bills a year. I’m not looking forward to next months bill with the string of triple digits we are having!!


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      We do heat our house with natural gas but we are in Houston Tx. We may run the heater for about 2 or 3 weeks total during the winter…it never gets too cold here.I’m just curious as to what everyone else is paying for their electric. I noted in a different email that our rates are .11 but will go up to .14 at the very least. A few months ago we were looking at rates of .23, that would double our electric bill.

      so our $202 bill would be $404…Dh tells me in other parts of the country people are paying as little as .05 c per KWH! I’d love to have those rates!


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      I guess then you do not heat the house with electric. So far I can’t get my electric down below $80. We have a 1500 Sq ft ranch home and try never to use the ac but have a fridge and in the garage a fridge and freezer.

      they must take up electric. the freezer is old too. we need a newer one that would be better on electric.

      we have one tv on most of the day and 1 computer on but I turn it off at night. I am also cooking in my electric roaster or my toaster oven and electric skillet to use less electric then the stove top or oven take.

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