A-1 Steak

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      A-1 Steak
      steak per person, cut of your choice
      pinch lemon pepper
      pinch garlic
      pinch black pepper
      Smear both sides of steak(s) with ingredients. With a very hot bed of coals (none or very little flame), lay your seasoned steaks on the grill. Let it cook until the bottom is almost golden, turn, and do the same to the other side.

      Watch your steak, don’t burn it. The trick is to not salt before cooking because this draws moisture to the surface(hence the absence of salt in the recipe). A dry steak is not good.

      Turn as many times as necessary to keep from burning until done to your taste. By cooking the outside fast, the juice is sealed in. By turning, you keep from burning the outside until the meat is done to your taste.

      Oh so good. Enjoy.
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      Thanks for the tips. I usually put salt on our steaks. ..gonna stop that!

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      Salt is the enemy when cooking. I rarely salt anything while cooking…depending on the ingredients. For example, if you have had trouble cooking dried beans, make sure that you aren’t using salt…keeps the beans from absorbing fluid and makes them crunchy instead of soft and flavorful;-D In most of my recipes, I usually say to salt to taste near the end of the preparation;-D

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