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    We just moved and here are 8 tips I wish I’d have thought of sooner.

    1. For the couple weeks before you move, plan your meals around whatever perishable items you have left in your fridge/freezer. It’s a LOT easier to move the fridge without a bunch of frozen food in it haha

    2. Take a couple boxes or laundry baskets and designate those as a DONATION pile, that way you’re not bringing a bunch of old unused stuff to your new home.

    3. Pack fragile dishes with kitchen towels and dish cloths. Both have to get to the new place, but then you’re not wasting time wrapping and unwrapping with paper or bubble wrap, etc.

    4. Use Colored duct tape to label boxes by room. You can see from across the driveway which boxes go where without even having to guess. I labeled ours in different colors and then labeled the boxes 1-12 (or however many.) That way I knew whether we were missing a box or not.

    5. Store jewelry in egg cartons to keep it sorted and prevent it from getting tangled.

    6. Put a cotton ball in make up compacts, eye shadows, blush, etc to keep them from breaking. That stuff is expensive to replace.

    7. To keep toiletries from leaking, take off the cap, add a small piece of saran wrap over the top and then recap.

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]8-moving-tips Image Credit Listotic[/caption]

    8. Make a handle in the box to make them easier to carry.


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