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      This probably doesn’t sound good but believe me it is and kids especially like it.

      I am NOT a good cook – somy way of cooking this may not be the easiest!!

      Fry up some potatoes – I usually cook them in a little water in a skillet until they are almost done and then add oil and fry. Potatoes should be in pieces not grated.

      Add hot dogs cut into pieces -I usually boil the hotdogs first just so I know they are cooked good – just add them to the potatoes as you fry the potatoes.

      In a bowl add eggs, beat them,tear up pieces of bread (a little stale is fine) and put them in the eggs – mix and add to the potatoes as you fry them. Add salt/pepper to taste.

      Cook until the egg/bread mixture isdone.

      I do in equal measure – if I fry 5 potatoes, then 5 hotdogs and maybe 3 eggs and 3 pieces of bread. It’s one of those recipes that you can adjust for your family and to what you have on hand.I just call it Hotdog Hash. KarenMO

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