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      We make Mexican corn dogs with our Franks………They are simply delicious!!! great for the kids to help in the kitchen with mom or dad. 🙂

      Mexican Corn Dogs

      10 corn tortillas
      10 cheese slices ( Kraft american or any other cheese slices) they have to be thin sized
      you can also use thin sliced cheddar.
      10 hot dogs
      2 table spoons of cannola oil
      10 to 20 toothpicks

      place 2 Tbls. of oil in pan, heat on med high ( add a little salt for taste)
      once oil heats up, start softening up your tortillas one at a time on both sides.
      Drain them on a paper towel. Next take your
      cheese and lay it out over 1 tortilla, then take a hot dog and place it on top of the cheese and tortilla.

      Now roll the tortilla up starting up over one corner and roll it up til the hot dog is fully covered up. Kinda like rolling a cigar, or enchilada, so nothing falls out. Now take a toothpick(s) and skewer it thru the corn tortilla, cheese and hot dog, this make the tortilla hold in place in the skillet next.

      Now place them back in the skillet seam faced down to melt the cheese. This helps seal the seam so nothing falls out. You may have to add a little more oil to your pan for the “Seal the Deal” part.

      Drain on paper towels and enjoy them dipped in mustard or Ketchup. You might even like pork n beans on the side with these. Enjoy!!!

      Jackie in Texas City, Texas

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