$60 MIR Jim Beam Products.

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      11-11 $60 MIR for Jim Beam products.
      Dept CS133
      Products to buy are: 705ML or lrg Knob Creek, Courvoisier, Hornitos, Jim Beam white, Jim Beam Black,
      Red Stag, Cruzan Rum(any flavor), Canadian Club, Dekuyper. (no more than 3 bottles of any brand)
      Rec $12 WYB 3 Bottles
      Rec $25 WYB 6 Bottles
      Rec $60 WYB 12 bottles
      Valid for : mi, oh, wv, ia, wa, or, id, wy, mt, nh, me, vt, nc, va, pa
      offer valid only for purchases from 10/15/2010 to 1/15/2011. Postmarked by 1-30 11.

      $3.50 each postpaid cc or pphf.

      just a note Printable Coupons are generally available for 5 days or less.

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      Man.. Not valid for my state.

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