4 chickens and no eggs

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      “We have 4 chickens that are at least 1 yr old. We bought them last October. All winter there were no eggs. Then warm weather came around and 2 of them were laying eggs here and there. Then we had a snow storm about a month ago, and since then we have had no eggs at all. Also we use to let them roam the yard after the snow melted. Then they were roaming into the neighbors yards and we do not let them out any more. I don’t know if that is the reason or what but they are not laying eggs. We feed them mixture of corn, wheat etc., and give them fruit & vegetable scraps. Any suggestions as to why they are not laying eggs and what can we do to get eggs from them. They have a winter place that is closed inn, but then there is a small door that we opened so they can be in an open chicken fence area which is about 8 x 12 yards, with a chicken fence roof as well.”

      I don’t know if this has been answered yet, but here IMHO. Hens have to have so many hours of light (I think its close to 14 hrs)to lay an egg. The snowstorm made it too dark. You can put a light bulb in the chicken house on a timer, which may help. Also, don’t let them get too fat, or they won’t lay either, so go light on the corn.

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