$4 a gallon gas

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      I do believe that it will happen this summer. However, I also heard

      on on of the financial cable shows that it will likely be short

      lived, sort of a wake up call, they said.

      I too have a 32 mile 45-50 minute commute every day with no bus

      option. The hardest thing for me is waiting at all of the stoplights.

      I think there are about 35 of them. There is about a 10 mile stretch

      without any. When the traffic flows I find that I can keep up with

      the green lights by keeping VERY close to the posted speed.

      We now have implimented a couple of things that make our single

      errand day work. In addition to making sure that prescriptons are

      ready, we order books at the library where they are waiting on a

      shellf for us. We reserve the videos at the rental store…once again

      a fast pick up. I have been seriously considering the grocery

      delivery service that is offered by most of the store near by as well.

      I am now down to grocery shopping only once a week and I am working

      to every other week. Maybe I can get all errands on every other week.

      Shopping with the need and desperatly need lists helps a lot.

      Another time and gas saver has also been a lifesaver. I have been at

      a store wanting to buy three of something because it was buy two get

      one free but there were not three in my size. I found that Reebok

      will find it in another store and ship it to you…FREE. I has that

      done in another store for some Bras. It never hurts to ask for that

      option. I usually pay at the store and get the free shipping option.

      It is great if you can wait a little for something.

      Have a great one.

      Karen in Colorado

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