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      Quick Hamburger Gravy

      1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
      2 meduim onions, chopped
      1/2 cup all purpose flour
      2 tbsp. beef bouillon granules
      1/4 tsp.

      1/4 tsp pepper
      5 cups milk
      Baked potato

      Cook beef and onions over meduim heat until meat is no longer pink, drain. Stir in the flour, bouillon, salt and pepper. Graully add milk, bring to a boil.

      Cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickend. Serve over potatoes.

      Yeild: 7 cups

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      This is a really good Quick Hamburger Gravy. I use it here at the house, I sometimes serve it over rice or noodles also…

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      In my house we call this the poor man’s gravey, same with hamburger stew………it works for us.

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      We use this one at our home too. It’s great over toast as well 🙂 Thanks for the post!

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      I forgot about toast. Blank on a shingle lollll

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      LOL I love the hamburger shingles 🙂

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      Wow I have actually never heard of this one but an very excited to try it out !!! Thanx for showing me yet another frugal good recipe !!!

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      I’ve never tried this but it sounds good. I’ll have to give it a try! 🙂

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      I hear you JoAnn, about the shingle. My grandpa used to call it that……..I had also forgot about that. I’m glad that I could post something that some of you had never heard of.

      Try the hamburger in a soup or stew too. It’s really good and cheap.

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      I didn’t want to say the really word, but that is what my Mother used to call it. Loll So many recipes bring back the childhood memories.Thanks again for a great recipe Tonia.

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      I love this. Its the very first thing I learned to cook as a youngster. I also like to put either a can of peas or frozen peas in it.

      Jackie :pute:

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      @JoAnn 105070 wrote:

      I forgot about toast. Blank on a shingle lollll

      thats what my husband calls it. :002:

      We eat that here too… putting it on noodles (Dollar tree .50 cents a 12 oz pk)

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      This is a really cheap good dinner. If I have hamburger I can make it without having to go to the store. I serve it over mashed potatoes or rice.

      I don’t use the bouillon granules because I like to stay away from highly processed ingredients and anything that might have chemicals like preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. I do add seasoning salt, the one thing I still use that’s not good for me.

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      I love this… when my kids were home they used to ask for it. lol

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      S O S (I’ll just abreviate) is what my Dad used to call it too. Had it for breakfast over toast a lot when I was growing up. Forgot how good it was.

      Thanks for the post, will have to make some.

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      S O S (I’ll just abreviate)

      Now I’ll just have to call it an SOS meal.
      Thanks !! Always have liked this meal..

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      The original S.O.S. of course was made with Dried Beef which is very salty (but cheap at the time), even after giving it a rinse, but that was desired in the military because of their high energy lives. Today it works quite well with the shaved beef (like Buddig brand) and torn into pieces.

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      Love the abbreviation…I will call it SOS too 🙂

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      There is another way to make it. Its the way I do now because I need to watch my sodium. I don’t use the bullion cubes because of the salt. I use a good shake of the garlic powder on the meat before I use the flour. I also if I have it like to eat it with a bit of horseradish. But then I love horseradish. :118: Its another way if you don’t want to use or are out of the bullion.


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      My mom used to make this all the time. When we were young she called it SOS….Then as we got older she would call it “_____ on a shingle”…lol. She never used the bullion either. She would just brown the hamburger with salt and pepper. Then add a little flour and milk. She would put it over buttered toast. We loved it. Have not had it in years. Sounds like a plan for dinner tomorrow. I had no idea this basic recipe was so famous….lol.

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      S.O.S. is reported to go back to World War I in France. Common meal for the military to this day.

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      When My Oldest son was in 1st grade he went to school and told his teacher he had S.O.S.(he said the word) for supper at home..I had to explain to the school he over heard me talking on the phone with my Mother about the recipe lol..This does bring back a lot of memories…we eat ours like this..Butter Biscuit open with mash potatoes on top then with the S.O.S. mixture..:) I have ate it on Top of Buttered cornbread before…Yummy

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