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      My experience has been that kids who act this way have parents that don’t

      correct the behavior. Going to the parents usually will cause a war between you

      and them. The school system is no help either.The bus ride can be hell on earth

      for a child that has to endure bullies.

      My two oldest children learned to stand up to the bullies and draw a line in

      the sand .Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. Cross this line and I’ll be

      the one kicking your tale.Today one of my adult children is a police officer. I

      have no regrets for teaching him to not tolerate abuse.

      My three youngest children have all been homeschooled. The older I get get,

      the less I want to deal with that kind of junk.


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      From: Rustey

      Subject: RE: : 3 troublesome boys


      i actually ache for the position your son is in, as well as you

      having to listen to the other boys’ smart mouth.

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