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      Well…. welcome to today's child….. Not that there is any excuse for this, but my kids go to school with these type of kids on a daily basis.

      It bothers the more sensitive of my little ones. I have some kids who just walk away and don't care, one who gets into trouble talking back to these kids, and a couple who are really bothered by it.

      For my littlest, she has a vile boy in her class. I told her that she should first talk to the teacher / principal and then just put him on her “ignore list.” He speaks badly because he wants her attention, good or bad.

      There are people like that. Our kids have to grasp this fact. I also encouraged her to pray for this little boy.

      If he is coming to school saying mean nasty things like this, we can only guess what is happening in his home. They are taught no respect and possibly, nobody respects them. I encourage my kids to maintain a respectful attitude (acknowledging that this is really, really hard), pray, and the biggest solution – walk away.

      (doesn't work on the school bus, but if they are having a very bad time, they are encouraged to speak with the bus driver and sit as close to the front as they can.)

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 3:30 PM, maria <secretwindow-jd1@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

      I was taking the long way around my apartment complex to take a

      walk,and I saw three boys playing on the swing set in the playground.(2

      of these boys-beat up/picked on my son when we first moved in)the other

      is another kid who is always getting into touble and has also picked on

      my son one time or another,I have always gotten along with these kids

      more or less on a one on one basis,except today.As I was approaching

      the swings,they all glanced my way,then when I was walking past

      them,one of them started singing”here comes Godzilla” then the other

      boy commented,hey she is trying to loose weight…she looks like a pig!

      I responded”you need to get some manners”they all stayed quiet for a

      moment then one of them said something and they all started laughing!

      It kind of hurt my feelings and I can imagine what is going to happen

      to my son if he rides the school bus with these kids! How would you

      guys handle these kids??They have no respect for adults anymore at all!

      Matthew 22:37 – Love the Lord your God with all
      John 13:34 – Love one another
      Matthew 28:19 – Go and make disciples

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