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      my daughter had trouble last year in her school, she had been home

      schooled before she went to school. she has a different belife systom

      then most public school students, she is kind to all the kids vs the

      rudness picking teaseing and bullying. i was up at the school so

      much it was unreal. to fight the kids hitting her, one hit and she is

      covered in bruses, finally to force the schools hand we had to get

      the state police involved, suddenly the kids who were hurting her

      stopped when the cops showed up at there house. had to do it the bus

      garage was working with us to make it stop but her prinapal said we

      should expect it, its life. i dont bloody well think so. i told her

      my daughter has a right to a life with out being beat up. i also

      told her in no uncertian terms that if my little girl had to expect

      to be hit while in school because it was life than she should expect

      to be hit by me every time my daughter was because that was life.

      she didnt think that i should be able to hit her. so i raised my

      eyebrow at her and said, and so what are you going to do about this

      then. the kids were kicked out for a while and when they were allowed

      back at school they werent allowed back on the bus for a week after

      wards. some people just dont get it. no one deserves to be hurt.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Walker, Marybeth (LABOR)”



      > Maria — As a foster mom who currently has four boys, two of whom

      have po*p for brains (sorry, but that’s the truth), these kids really

      have no bringing up and no social conscience. I’m not sure what your

      answer is, but don’t get your feelings hurt over it. I am loved by

      most of my foster kids and even by my own 7 grown kids and their

      friends (countless hungry, dirty kids, despite the fact that we lived

      in an “affluent” community) because I am kind to everyone, kids

      especially, but take it from me, some kids are really messed up and

      have no moral code. It has nothing to do with you personally. Don’t

      take their garbage, though. If you need to say something to them,

      get their parents’ names and phone numbers from them, and let them

      know in no uncertain terms that you won’t take their baloney. Some

      kids just need to be shown that their behaviors won’t be tolerated

      (and shouldn’t have to be). I’m sorry to say this, but as

      a “professional mom”, it’s really the truth.

      > Mary Beth (please email me off list if you want to discuss this


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