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      Cut the top of the bottle off just below the shoulder. Put about 1
      cup of liquid in the bottom of the bottle. I usually make 1 with a
      sugar mixture to attract some bugs and another with a stinky mixture
      of old chicken skin.

      Put the top back on upside down inside the
      bottom so the opening is in the middle of the bottle. The bugs can
      get in but not back out. Place these away from the area you are in
      to keep the bugs out of your area.

      kim in mi

      — in Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Yolanda Wilkerson”
      > Can anyone tell me about using 2 liter bottle to keep bugs away
      from you camping area? Please don’t think I’m crazy but a friend was
      telling me about it. She wasn’t sure what to put in the bottle.

      anyone heard about this?
      > Yolanda

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