24 hr bleach

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      I couldn’t tell you for sure. That’s just what I’ve been taught through my

      county and state agency. (I do child care and this is law that we have to have

      a fresh mixture everyday. Even the restaurants (in Minnesota) have to do this.

      That’s all I can tell you without digging my books out and quoting it.


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      From: Laura Coleman

      > I also do the same with actual bleach wipes (except that bleach is only good

      for 24 hours once it’s mixed or out of the original bottle)< I’m curious, I have never heard that. Why is it only good 24 hours. I keep a bottle of bleach and water spray and use it for a few weeks at a time and the bleach still seems effective. I got some on a shirt last night and it bleached it. Laura [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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