24 hr bleach

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      I worked in the child care field in Florida and the law was the same.

      The reason is that after 24 hours the bleach starts to chemically

      break down, and to create bacteria within the bottle with the water.

      So when you use your bleach water after 24 hours you are no longer

      disenfecting. It may still bleach your clothes but it is spreading

      bacteria as opposed to removing it after 24 hours in the bottle. Hope

      this answers your question. (BTW…we were given this information from

      the gentleman that came and did our cpr/first aid class)


      >I couldn’t tell you for sure. That’s just what I’ve been taught

      through my county and state agency. (I do child care and this is law

      that we have to have a fresh mixture everyday. Even the restaurants

      (in Minnesota) have to do this. That’s all I can tell you without

      digging my books out and quoting it.



      > Blessings to all, Forbidnlover (AKA, Jennie)


      > I’m curious, I have never heard that. Why is it only good 24 hours.

      I keep a bottle of bleach and water spray and use it for a few weeks

      at a time and the bleach still seems effective. I got some on a shirt

      last night and it bleached it. Laura


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