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      A new season has arrived and is now in progress!

      As has became tradition in our home, on Tuesday (New Year’s Day) we started seeds in pots to do viability tests. If all goes well we won’t have to purchase seed of these varieties, as we have home saved. It all depends on the tests.

      We will probably buy some seeds of different varieties, to see how they grow and how we like them; don’t know for sure, yet.

      Take Care and Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      wow that is starting it early. i just got a gardening magazine, thinking about fruit this year. in mn that means varied berries and grapes.

      has anyone ever tried growing a miniture lemon tree (indoors)? do they really grow and produce? lemons can be spendy in mn.

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      Yes, I have seen Dwarf Lemons grown inside and they did have fruit on them. I would like one, but the temperature in our home is too low. I believe that the lemons would need to stay as warm as Kiwis, (I have one in a pot, it is asleep right now because it is cold) which is no colder than 65 degrees.

      [We can’t seem to get this house to stay above 60 degrees on a nice day; when the wind is blowing above 10 miles per hour it won’t stay above 50.] It would probably live like my Kiwi, but it wouldn’t produce in the winter if it goes dormant. They need to be in south facing windows, they like the temperature to be around 70 degrees and need 12 hours of light a day. You could use grow lights, but that is not something we can afford.

      You would have to pollinate it by hand. It could be put outside (In its pot) on a patio, porch or deck from late spring (after last frost) until early fall (before first frost). Hope this helps.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Well, our seed germination tests we started on New Years Day went well. We will allow them to grow in their pots, see if we can keep them alive until planting time. Have ordered some new varieties of tomato seeds to go along with what we have, just because I found some on an online sale and we love tomatoes.

      We grow most of the foods that we eat. Each year we try to plant something completely new (we have never grown before) and I am thinking about attempting to grow Quinoa Grains this year. We will see.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      It does seem early to start seeds but so much depends on your location. I usually start mine with time change jkpjohnson, by the time they are at a good point to put in the ground the fear of the major cold should be limited in our area. With the drought and so much not growing last year, I am contemplating how much room I have inside for doing indoor pots.

      Of course that does limit what you grow. Good luck on your garden, glad the seeds are working.

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      These are just a few seeds to see if they would grow, (we don’t hold out much hope of them living long enough for transplant) although we have had some plants live and actually produce from our little tests. More of a way to keep our fingers in the dirt, than anything else, but it does tell us if the seeds we saved were good as they come up in cold dirt with air temperature around 60 degrees F. We plant most all of our seeds directly in the ground when the weather is correct for each crop.

      Some seeds, like tomatoes and peppers and such we will plant in seed starting flats about 6 weeks before they are to be transplanted but the date to start them is around 6 weeks from now. Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      We started pepper and eggplant seeds in flats today, approximately 10 weeks before our last frost date (April 15). They are really slow to germinate, especially when the air temperature is colder than 70 degrees. The plants should (hopefully) be ready to plant out around the first week of May.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      My baby pepper plants (seedlings) are popping there heads out of the soil in their flats, today. Yahoo! I just love to see things start to grow.

      No eggplants, yet, but hopefully it won’t be long and I will see them too. Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      My potted green bean plants (seed test started on Jan. 1) are flowering and have tiny little green beans on them!! We have staked them up with little bamboo sticks as they are now about a foot tall.

      Have several pumpkin plants that are still alive and growing from their seed tests as well. Beautiful sight to see — living greenery in the dead of winter. Peppers and eggplants are doing well in their flats, lots of cute little seedlings.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Have lots of onion plants ready to go in the ground, however, there are snow drifts over 5 feet high in places on the gardens. So will have to wait. As soon as the snow melts and we are able to get out there (it needs to dry first) we will be planting them and potatoes.

      The spring planting of grains will also be done as soon as we are able. Lots of little plants growing in flats, should be in good shape by the time they are ready to go out. Some will go out in April, but most will go out the first week of May.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Finally, got out into the garden the other day and yesterday. Planted the spring plantings of grains, and most of the onions. Unfortunately; today is wet, rainy and cold, (thundering as we speak) so no outside gardening today.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Slowly, getting the gardens planted little by little between rains. It seems it finally gets dry enough to plant, so run out to do some planting and another storm comes up. Raining again, right now.

      We did get all of the onions planted, they are looking good. The grains are coming along nicely. Have all kinds of plants planted just not all of most of them.

      Have a little green tomato on one of the tomato plants, flowers on most of them, even some that we haven’t got put out yet. Been wet and cold mostly with days that are HOT then it turns cold again. Oh, well, that is life.

      What will be, will be. Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      @Virginia 265336 wrote:

      It would probably live like my Kiwi, but it wouldn’t produce in the winter if it goes dormant. They need to be in south facing windows, they like the temperature to be around 70 degrees and need 12 hours of light a day. You could use grow lights, but that is not something we can afford. You would have to pollinate it by hand.

      Make sure you get a self pollinating variety of whatever fruit tree you get. For example, kiwi trees wont fruit unless you have both male And Female plants. We have 4, but they seem to be growing rather slowly this year.

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      Finally got all of the gardens planted, just in time for the heat and humidity which forces me to stay indoors. Late for some plantings but we will hope and pray for a bountiful harvest. Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Last week I got our garden planted, Tomatoes, Peppers, Green Beans, Peas, Cucumbers, Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Spinach & some Lettuce. We were late planting this year as well, rain, rain & more rain. My green beans popped up yesterday and cucumbers 2 days ago.

      We just have a small spot to garden, I might cheat and purchase a couple tomato plants & pepper plants also (since I forgot to start them early).

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      We have been eating direct out of the gardens for the last few weeks. The first planted Sweet Corn is ready, now. Starting to get overran by zucchini and cucumbers.

      We are harvesting onions this week, from what we have harvested so far and what looks to be out there still to harvest I estimate that there is about 2000 pounds in all for this year. Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Our garden is starting to go by and we’re getting ready for round 3 of planting, now it’s time to plant some fresh beans and peas again.

      It’s so hard when you move to get used to the new Growing season. In maine, peas were planted MONTHS ago and the harvest is already over.

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