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      For all the GymSoap lovers and those who definitely need to try it out! My personal trainer originally recommended it, its great at preventing your body from contracting those nasty viruses constantly found at the gym! I got this coupon code out of him and just HAD to share it!

      Website for ordering: GymSoap.com: Athlete’s Foot, Staph & Ringworm Prevention Soap
      Coupon code to enter: gs20

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      LOL, I went to their TV & Press page and for a minute I was really impressed, thinking that the PRODUCT had appeared online in all those places, but its not, those are just articles about GERMS. :hysterical: LOL, we know Germs are everywhere, we want to see proof the product works and not from paid or made up testimonials.

      With the name “GYMZ” are you sure you’re not just a Spammer?? You signed up on a Frugal living & Freebies board and your only post is about a product that kills germs ??

      Mod’s, Really??

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      i actually saw gymsoap in Oxygen magazine. i went through their site i like the idea of showering with something that has tea tree oil in it. i love the smell of tea tree oil.

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      lol, You can probably make this on your own for 1/10 of the cost. You can get tea tree oil at walmart for $4.86 (For an entire Bottle!!) and a 24 oz Bottle of Pure Aloe Vera for $1.77, add your own chamomile & Calendula flower essential oils (a few drops of each oughtta do it) and voila, you have over 25 oz of your own soap for less than half the price (with the discount) and you don’t have the wheat or chemicals in it.

      Their product contains triclosan- which is known to disrupt thryoid function.

      dangers of Triclosan:


      Did you know it can ACCUMULATE in your body if you continue to use it?!!

      Of toothpaste, frogs, and Triclosan Ecohappy

      Thanks for the Dis’ Q’ gymz, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Coupons Galore $ Coupons – Other 20% off total GymSoap Order!