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      This is my recipe! Might be easier for you to print from here rather than me retyping the whole thing!

      Spice Pickles or Pickle Sticks

      14 Day Sweet Pickle Recipe
      Use small cucumbers, wash and slice.
      Cover with salt (canning salt) water (mix water & salt strong enough to float an egg).

      Let stand 7-10 days. You may have to pick our mushy pickles &/or scum that forms on the top.
      I usually do this daily.
      Take out, wash thoroughly.
      Let stand over night in plain water.

      Pour off water.
      Mix 1/2 to 1 box (small jar) alum to 2 gallons of cucumbers.
      Let stand overnight.

      Pour off alum water.
      Next day heat enough apple cider vinegar to cover cucumbers.
      Let stand overnight.

      Pour off vinegar. DO NOT RINSE!
      Layer cucumbers and sugar in a dish pan
      Wrap pickling spices in a clean cloth or small cloth bag. Use about 1/3 bottle to a gallon. Put this in close to the top but covered.
      Let stand until sugar melts.

      Sugar to Cucumber ratio: 8 lbs sugar to 12 lbs cucumbers. This is not exact, just pour the sugar on!

      Heat and pack in jars. Leave spices in while heating then discard.

      NOTE: I use gallon size glass jars (found at a local diner) to make my pickles. They are much easier to manage than a large churn and I like the fact I can see thru them. Also, as the pickles are going thru their different stages, cover the jar with a saucer.

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