1st birthday!!!!!

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      OMG! Rylee’s 1st b-day is coming up… and soon! (feb 16)

      I am not ready and it just hit me that I have a good number of friends with kids and they will be here and I have to entertain them! Help!!

      I was thinking this will be easy, but I was stressing about the gifts and now after making the guest list I started to think about how in the heck I’m going to make this about all the kids and not just Rylee. I have never done this before. This is my 1st child and most of the people will be coming from out of state so I don’t want to to be a big flop. The adults are not a big deal we all know how to keep ourselves busy its the kids I’m worried about.

      Any Ideas? List of items that comes with the idea?…. anything for cheap?

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      Kids / Children – Budget101.com Forums

      Check out this forum, think you will find it helpful.
      It is rather easy to entertain children.
      If you give us an idea of the age range of the children we might be able to help a little better.

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      If you lay out a bunch of toys that should definitely keep everyone busy. And try and keep a range of toys for all ages around. You can try and do organized games but that might be difficult and stressful for the adults. It might be nicer to just let the kids play with each other and the toys while the adults chat/mingle and watch them.

      It might be nice to switch it up and after playing inside for an hour you can all go outside to play and maybe to a nearby playground or if you have a playset in your background?

      The last few children’s parties that I went to they hired someone to come over dressed up as a favorite character, which they then spent the remainder of the time playing with. This was a girls party so it was Cinderella and the time before was the Little Mermaid, but you might be able to figure out something for boys too? Bob the builder?

      Good Luck!

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      I would love to have someone come dressed up, how ever we don’t have to money for that.

      I forgot to tell how old the kids where…. 1yr to 6yr. There will be at least 2 of each age so its not like there will be one older kid who’s bored.

      Thank, I will check that link out.

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      Thought I’d add that they just had a teenager dress up and come over. It wasn’t too expensive and the kids never noticed! 🙂

      You can also get items from the dollar store to use in goody bags, if your planning on doing them.

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      If you happen to have any empty boxes this would be a great addition. Kids in those age groups are very creative. One year I did up a Train theme, a box for each kid and markers-let them color the outside of the box anyway they wanted. Used masking tape to make the train tracks, it was big hit for both boys and girls.

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      We had my daughter’s first birthday at the park. Here, you can rent a covered picnic area for $15 for six hours. I just made it simple with a beach ball and a soccer ball for the kids to run around with since they also had the swings, slide and stuff at the park to use. We got $5 pizzas from Little Caesar’s, a couple of two liters and made a salad.

      Do you have Publix there? When you buy a cake they give you a small cake free just for the child’s first birthday. That way they get their own cake to play in.

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      Yes we have a Publix… I didnt know that. Thanks for that info I would really like that.

      I think it might be to cold to do a park party. However if it isnt then I might take them there…. There is a good free one right down the road. We arent going to do a long party because everyone is coming from one state over and I know most of them will want to get home.

      I was thinking about the 5$ pizzas, I forgot about the drink though. HEHEE

      Thanks for the great Ideas so far everyone

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      my daughters first birthday I just let them play and had her own cake she could play in. didn’t have a theme except for baby’s first birthday.

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