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      It’s only 30% if the min. payment is paid and a person has bad credit. I am at 21%.

      I have been paying over twice the monthly minimum for years. I pay it on a bi-weekly automatic draft and occasionally I increase this amount. I never pay it off because I’ve purchased numerous cameras, computers both used and new, lots of computer gadgets, Christmas presents for others, inks etc.

      At the rate that I pay it, it’s probably more like 15%. That’s not the end of the world. Once again, there are living human beings working at dellthat earn a paycheck from my purchases and interest paid.Many of the purchases that I make through Dell end up being used in my business.

      But even if it was pure pleasure, it allows me to get what I want and make payments whichI enjoy. They have great customer service, fast shipping, and if handled correctly it allows a person to have a high credit limit that doesn’t need to be maxed out, which helps the credit rating. They’ve raised my credit limit so often that I couldn’t ever max it out or even use half of it if I wanted to.

      I don’t know what made you think it’s 30%.


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      Dell also charges 30% interest. Capital One is a close second…. Why would
      you do this to your child?

      On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Suzi McMullen <smcmullen@kc.rr.com> wrote:

      > They can put 250 dollars into a capital one credit card or other
      > company secured card.

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