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      Not every young person abuses credit. My 21 year old has one card with a low credit limit and she always pays it off before she uses it again. She is now paying her car payment too and getting a pretty good interest rate because she has handled herself well.

      I don’t know what my 23 year old has. But I recently saw her filing system and it looks like she is very organized. She bought her first vehicle on time last year and I believe she is doing pretty well.

      My own husband always pays off his items within the same as cash period.

      Credit is not a huge sin for crying out loud. it’s only abused by some of us (me included). some people abuse alcohol or food or sex.

      i abuse credit. but i accept myself, warts and all. it’s not because the credit is wicked.

      it’s because i am weak. but, i pay my bills and i have never struggled to do so. i enjoy hard work and get a sense of satisfaction when i pay my bills.

      i just hate to see people so militant against it just because some people struggle. it’s like saying all gambling is wrong because some people get into trouble or all alcohol is wrong because some drink too much or we shouldn’t be allowed to arm ourselves because some people shoot others. personally, i hate drinking and i don’t own a gun and i very rarely spend 20 bucks or so in some slot machine like once every few years.

      I would never run around spouting off against other peoples liberties.

      I believe all people should strive for a decent credit rating because life will demand it at some point. How a person handles their bills even decides the rate a person pays for car insurance and what type of a job they can get these days. To have zero debt means to have a very low credit score.

      So why tell a kid they should work hard, go through school and then once out they don’t qualify for a decent job because they have a low credit score?


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