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      Oh my Goodness!!!! please i beg you!!!!! do not use capital

      one!!!!!! i work for a business partner of captal one and this credit

      card is horrible!!! they won’t close your account unless you fight

      with them, then they say it is closed and don’t close it.

      they tell you a pay off amount to go to a zero balance and then they

      charge you a interest fee on your account on a paid off balance. they

      put stuff on your account without asking.

      they are rude and nasty people. i have cap 1 people call their

      customers stupid on the phone. Yes right to the customer.

      Please use a different card if you insist on credit. Yet it is best

      to live debt free. I live completely debt free. The only thing I owe

      is past medical bills. Yet I ( and my ex husband) ruined my credit so

      I am not worried about those medical bills right now.

      A credit card will only make him think he has free money anytime then

      take forever to pay it off.

      Don’t co-sign for him. That will only ruin your credit & make you pay

      his debt off. Thats his escape that he can walk out on the loan with

      no consequence.

      Anyway thats my 2¢ worth…


      On 8/8/08, Suzi McMullen <smcmullen@kc.rr.com> wrote:

      > They can put 250 dollars into a capital one credit card or other company

      > secured card. The credit limit would start out like 300 dollars or so.

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