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      I had figured that for my $1000 laptop, I paid $2000….. and by the time it was paid off, it was worth $25.

      Stupid tax… that I will never pay again. I just was never told and never thought about how it all worked.

      Never thought past the “I can afford the monthly payment so I can afford it.” After all, to be “grown up” you must have bills.

      I'm now getting rid of the bills and will be very content to be a “not grown up” millionaire. (The millionaire part will take some doing… but I want to be able to go through life with the knowledge that I can pay for what I need without hurting, without borrowing or becoming a slave.) If someone had really drawn this stuff to my attention at 16…

      I would already be a millionaire. My children would have a much better life. I would have fewer gray hairs and better health today.

      And I would be FREE!!!!

      On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 8:42 AM, Ria <aweea_aka_awa@yahoo.com> wrote:

      15%! Yikes!! I hate paying even a PENNY of interest!

      I have never paid interest on credit card debt. Only my mortgage, and I pay extra every single month to get my mortgage paid off early.

      Have you ever figured out exactly how much interest you've paid over the years??? All because you want something that you can't afford!

      To each his own, I guess….but I would never advise someone to get into credit card debt, ever.

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