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      I’ll bet I’ve paid around 100,000 in interest all these years. I can tell you without one shred of doubt that if we had stayed holed up in some tiny little apartment we never would have needed to start getting debt because so much of our debt started out over house purchases, repairs, appliances etc. Had we not gotten that initial 30+ thousand dollars worth of house related debt, we never would have felt weneeded to borrow for so many of the other little wants and we wouldn’t have been trying to start all sorts of little businesses on the side to pay for it.

      So yeah…it is easy to see that I could have amassed 100,000 dollars + interest all these years. But our lives would have been so different for the choices.

      I would not have wanted to have 4 daughters in an apartment. I probably would have worked outside the home instead of doing daycare. The government would have taken so much more of our taxes.

      It just would have been such a different life in so many ways and I don’t mean for the better. My husband is so land and house greedy that even if we had saved enough to put huge down payments on houses I never would have been able to hold him back. We’d just own a bigger house than the one we have now and I really do hate the way people put so much money into lavish homes that don’t hold their value or increase in value the way people expect them to.

      I have enjoyed every aspect of my life and can’t imagine one thing I would have wanted to change. And now that I’m older…41 and staring down the other side of my life I know I need to at least pay down a significant part of my debt and put myself into a place that I can work right up to my death. So much of my life is lived the way I want there’s no reason to entertain retirement.

      Our 85 or 86 year old neighbor still watches her granddaughter! I know my husband and I will be able to do daycare until we can hardly breath or move. I pray the good Lord takes us fast and in our sleep.

      That would be the BEST way.


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