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      15%! Yikes!! I hate paying even a PENNY of interest!

      I have never paid interest on credit card debt. Only my mortgage, and I pay extra every single month to get my mortgage paid off early.

      Have you ever figured out exactly how much interest you’ve paid over the years??? All because you want something that you can’t afford!

      To each his own, I guess….but I would never advise someone to get into credit card debt, ever.

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      From: Suzi McMullen
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      It’s only 30% if the min. payment is paid and a person has bad credit. I am at 21%.

      I have been paying over twice the monthly minimum for years. I pay it on a bi-weekly automatic draft and occasionally I increase this amount. I never pay it off because I’ve purchased numerous cameras, computers both used and new, lots of computer gadgets, Christmas presents for others, inks etc.

      At the rate that I pay it, it’s probably more like 15%. That’s not the end of the world. Once again, there are living human beings working at dellthat earn a paycheck from my purchases and interest paid.Many of the purchases that I make through Dell end up being used in my business.

      But even if it was pure pleasure, it allows me to get what I want and make payments whichI enjoy. They have great customer service, fast shipping,
      and if handled correctly it allows a person to have a high credit limit that doesn’t need to be maxed out, which helps the credit rating. They’ve raised my credit limit so often that I couldn’t ever max it out or even use half of it if I wanted to.

      I don’t know what made you think it’s 30%.


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      Dell also charges 30% interest. Capital One is a close second…. Why would
      you do this to your child?

      On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Suzi McMullen <smcmullen@kc. rr.com> wrote:

      > They can put 250 dollars into a capital one credit card or other
      > company secured card.

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