$100 Walmart GC from Crayola for Teachers–Select States

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      $100 Walmart GC from Crayola for Teachers–Select States

      Dear Teacher,

      This year we at Crayola are again partnering with Wal-Mart
      to assist parents with their Back to School shopping needs.
      This year we will be working only in selected states in
      conjunction with tax free weekend events held on Saturday
      August 4th and in selected stores on Sunday August 5th.
      Teachers participating will receive a $100 gift certificate
      and will work from 12 PM to 4 PM the day of the event.

      If you have already signed up for the 2007 program, thank you!

      If you participated in the 2006 Wal-Mart program and are
      interested in participating again this year, you can use your
      existing password to sign up at Goldstarteacher.crayola.com

      If you are interested in participating this year, or have
      forgotten your passcode, please contact the Crayola Business
      Development Manager who covers your geographic area listed below.
      Please include your name, current home email address, and the state
      you would like to work in.

      Store availability is limited, so please contact us as soon as
      possible if you are interested.

      Once we receive your request we will email you a unique log in ID,
      a pass code, and a website address. You will then be able to
      access our registration website to check store availability, date
      options, and register for an open event.

      If you live in Missouri or Iowa
      Please contact Barb Reinke at breinke@crayola.com

      If you live in Texas, New Mexico or Oklahoma
      Please contact Elizabeth Willett at ewillett@crayola.com

      If you live in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina or Tennessee
      Please contact Lisa Davis at ldavis@crayola.com

      If you live in Arkansas or Florida
      Please contact Maura Weins at mweins@crayola.com

      If you live in North Carolina or Virginia
      Please contact Wanda Gray at wgray@crayola.com

      If you live in Eastern Pennsylvania
      Please contact Mike Pecci at mpecci@crayola.com

      If you live in Western Pennsylvania
      Please contact Mark English at menglish@crayola.com

      If you live in Hawaii
      Please contact Linda Parzych at lparzych@crayola.com

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies $100 Walmart GC from Crayola for Teachers–Select States