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      It’s not just about lettuce. Add a splash of this bottled flavor booster

      to potatoes, eggs, burgers and more.

      Did you know? Italian is the number one dressing choice for Americans

      followed by Ranch and then Blue cheese.

      1. Dressed Up Corn: Brush corn on the cob with a layer of your favorite

      vinaigrette (try roasted red pepper or white wine varieties) before

      grilling. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper and Parmesan cheese while it’s

      still pipping hot for some Latino fair


      2. Creamy Dreamy Spuds: Pour on a good glug of Blue cheese dressing into

      a simple mashed potatoes for a cheese packed punch.Top with some chopped

      chives or minced red onions.


      3. Standout Slaw: Replace half mayo in your go to cole slaw recipe with

      honey mustard dressing and mix thoroughly coat.Toss in chunks of avocado

      for a super creamy combo.


      4. Salad Burgers: Mix a few Tablespoons if thousand island dressing or

      sun dried tomato dressing into ground meat before shaping into patties,

      Grill, broil or saute as you like.Serve on crusty rolls topped with a

      heaping pile of shredded lettuce


      5. Magic Marinade: Coat chicken breasts or fish fillets in Italian or

      Asian sesame dressing and let it marinate (refrigerated) for at least 30

      mins before coking. Drizzle more dressing over the top right before



      6. Top Notch Toast: Pour a bit of Caesar dressing over sliced of french

      bread ( or another crusty loaf) and broil until golden. Serve as an

      alternative to garlic bread. Cut into croutons or crumble into homemade

      seasoned bread crumbs


      7. Cheese Lover’s Pie: Top a store bought or homemade pizza crust with a

      layer of three cheese dressing instead of your standard sauce. Sprinkle

      with mushrooms and shredded mozzarella and bake as directed,


      8. Mediterranean Medley: Cook rigatoni according to pkg directions.

      Drain and rinse under cold water. Combine rigatoni with a splash of

      greek dressing as the basis for a homemade pasta salad. Toss in some

      chopped roasted red peppers, sliced olives and a handful of crumbled

      feta cheese


      9. Picnic Chicken: Dip drumsticks and bone in chicken thighs in a tangy

      buttermilk ranch dressing. Then roll in seasoned bread crumbs to coat.

      Bake at 350 until crust is golden and meat is cooked through about 50



      10. Better Breakfast: Add a splash of french dressing to scrambled eggs.

      Then spice them up with a bit of shredded pepper jack cheese. Garnish

      with sliced green onions.

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      because of you.

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