10 Rainy Day Activities

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      Melissa Burnell

      do for those cooped up indoors all day!

      1. Get out a craft box. If you don’t have one, here’s some idea’s of
      what to put in it (stuff you have at home, or can get cheap!)
      – Popsicle Sticks
      – Glue Sticks
      – White Glue (Elmer’s style)
      – Tubes of Glitter
      – “sheets” of felt
      – A pad of construction paper
      – pipe cleaners
      – googly eyes
      – random feathers
      – water colors & brushes
      – magnet squares or a roll
      – crayons & markers
      – wooden shapes to paint or color
      – Toilet paper & Paper Towel tubes
      – Scraps of wrapping paper
      – Tissue Paper

      With all of that stuff, your little ones can make a multitude of
      items, including popsicle stick houses, face masks,
      crowns, “binoculors”, spy glasses, magnets, color a picture, make a
      picture frame for it, make finger puppets, and much more. Set em
      loose on the kitchen floor for a large surface that is easily
      cleanable. Purchase a cheap dollar store plastic table cloth for
      even easier cleanup.

      2. Make a tent in the living room. Drag out large sheets and light
      weight blankets.

      Have a picnic in the middle for lunch!

      3. Have a movie day. Make some popcorn up, find a favorite movie on
      TV or in your collection, or go to a video store and rent on cheap
      (or even free at some places!)

      4. Take a puddle stomping walk when the rain lets up. A little water
      never hurt anyone!

      Bring an umbrella, and wear clothes & shoes that
      can get wet, and stomp your way down the street.

      5. Take construction paper and make a nice bright “sun” to put on a

      6. Have fun baking something with help from the little ones.

      7. Visit the library.

      8. Splurge and go see a kids movie.

      9. Create a stuffed animal “zoo” to “visit”. If you have a camera,
      take pictures!

      10. Play a board game or card game with your kids. Use treats like
      cookies to give to the winner.

      Hope this helps alleviate the rainy day blues!


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