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      I got the ad for 10/26-11/1 here are the Extra buck deals

      Spend 15 get 5 EB Duracell batteries Limit 4
      9.99 Duracell batteries AA or AAA 16 pack, C,D 8 pack or 9 volt 4 pack
      5.99 duracell AA, AAA 8 packs, C,D 4 pack, 9 volt 2 pack
      7.99 Duracell hearing aid batteries 16ct

      Spend 20 get 5 EB PepsiCo products–limit 1
      – Sobe, Propel, gatorade life water 20oz, fit water 1 liter or thirst quencher 32 oz 5 for $5
      -lipton iced tea 12 pack, 16.9oz bottles $6
      -Aquafina pure water 12 pack 16.9oz 2/$6
      -Doritos 12.5oz(excludes baked) 2/$6
      -quaker instant oatmeal 10 pack 2/$5
      -quaker chewy variety pack granola bards 10 count 2/$5
      -tropicana pure premium orange juice 64oz carton 2/$6

      Spend 10 get 5 EB Maybelline products–limit 1
      -Maybelline the colossal volum express mascara 5.99
      -maybelline mineral power matural lipcolor 5.99
      -maybelline instant age rewind cream foundadtion 7.99

      Spend 10 get 4 EB–limit 1
      -lady speed stick clinical proof deoterant 1.5oz prescription strength wetness protection without prescription 7.99
      -mens speedstick 24/7 antipersperant 2.7-3oz(excludes ladies) 3.99
      -irish spring bar soap 3 pack 2.49
      -softsoap or irish spring body wash 18oz 4.99
      -softsoap antibacterial hand soap refill 40 oz 5.99
      -colgate total 6oz, 2-in-1 4.6oz, cavity protection 8.2oz toothpaste, 360 clean or active angle toothbrush (excludes colgate advance and max fresh) 2/$4.98

      L’Oreal Beauty tubes mascara 2EB 10.99 limit 2

      McGraw Frangrance 0.5-1oz 5EB prices starting at 16.99 limit 1

      L’Oreal Natural Match 2EB 9.99 limit 3

      Spend 10 get 3EB limit 5
      -CVS/pharmacy moisturizer lotion 16oz or 24.5oz prices starting at 5.49

      Crest Spinbrush Pro or 2ct refil 2EB 5.99 limit 1

      Bic Comfort3 advance shavers 4 pack 4EB 5.99 limit 4

      Spend 20 get 10 EB
      -airborn effervesscent diatary supplement 10ct or on the go packets 8ct 7.00
      -immugo liquid immune booster single dose vial 12 ct 9.00
      -zicam healthy z-ssentials 10ct 7.00
      -halls cough drops 30ct 1.50
      -robitussin liquid 8oz 8.00
      -delsym adult cough suppressant 3oz 10.00
      -sudafed pe sinus headache 24ct or nighttime cold 20ct 5.00
      -afrin nasal spray 0.5oz(excludes all night) 6.50
      -mucinex nasal spray 0.75oz 11.00
      -blistex lip balm 0.15oz or lip medex 0.25-0.38oz 1.50
      -CVS Sanitizing spray pen style for kids 0.15oz 1.00
      -childrens benadryl or bedadryl D liquid 4oz, fast melt 18ct or perfect measure 10ct 6.00
      -childrens zyrtec chewables 12ct or liquid 4oz 12.00
      -claritin non drowsy 24 hr tablets, redi-tabs,childrens chewables 10ct or syrup 40z 9.00
      -sudafed per 10-24ct 5.00
      -tylonal cold 24ct , tylonal sinus congestion and pain 24ct 6.00
      -mucinex expectorant 600mg, DM 20ct, maximum strength 1200mg or DM 14ct 13.00
      -thermaflu or thermaflu warming packets or vapor patch 6ct or warming syrup 8.3oz 6.00
      -alka-seltzer plus liquid gels 12ct, day and night or effervescent tablets 20ct 5.50
      -dayquil or nyquil liquid twin pack 10oz each or liquicaps 40ct 11.00
      -CVS Saline Nasal spary 1.5oz 3.50
      -Simply Saline Nasal mist 1.5oz 5.00
      -NeilMed Sinus rince kit, refills 100ct or NasaFlo neti pot with packets 50ct 11.00
      -breather right kids nasal strips 12ct 5.00
      -hylands cough syrup with honey 4oz, flu care for kids or sniffles’n sneezes 125ct 5.00
      -childrens tylonal plus 4oz 6.00
      -triaminic liquid 4oz, thin strips 14ct or vapor refills 5ct (excludes D multi-symptom liquid) 6.00
      -boiron childrens chestal homeopathic cough syrup 4.20z 6.00
      -childrens mucinex expectortant 4oz or mini melts 12ct 8.00
      -childrens dimetapp elixir DM cold and cough or allergy 8oz 8.00
      -delsym childrens cough suppressant 3ox 10.00
      -all ricola drops or lozenges 2.00
      -halls naturals 25ct 2.00
      -hylands allergy relief 60ct, cold or flu care 120-125ct 5.00
      -similasan sinus relief spray 0.5oz, eye care or earache relieft 0.33oz 9.00
      -select boiron homeopathic 9.00
      -zicam swabs 20ct, rapidmelts, chewables 25ct, oral mist, allergy spray 1oz or nasal gel spray 0.5oz 11.00
      -robitussin D liquid 8oz (quantities are limited by law) 10.00
      -claritin-D non-drowsy 12 hr or 24 hr 10ct (quantities are limited by law) 9.00
      -mucinex-D 18ct(quantities are limited by law) 13.00
      -sudafed 10-24 ct(quantities limited by law) 5.00
      -Advil cold and sinus 32-40ct or allergy sinus 20ct(quantities limited by law) 12.00
      -zyrtec-d 12ct (quantities limited by law) 13.00

      freestyle lite or freedome lite blood glucose monitoring system 10EB 39.99

      one touch ultramini blood glucose monitoring system 5EB 19.99

      Nova Max blood glucose monitoring system 9.99eb 9.99

      Cardio chek portable blood test system 20EB 79.99

      Omron blood pressure monitor manual arm, 711DLX arm or APS wrist 10 EB prices starting at 49.99

      life fitness blood pressure monito upper arm or wrist model 10EB prices starting at 79.99

      Diachrome once-a-day nutitional support for people with diabetes 60ct 5EB 24.99

      SoyJoy 4EB 4/$4 limit 1

      Always infinity pads 14-18ct 1EB 4.99 limit 5

      Zantac 150 24ct or zantac 75 30ct 2EB 9.99 limit 1

      Bausch & lomb renu solution 120z, drops twin pack 0.54oz total, soothe 28ct or xp 0.5oz 2EB 7.99 limit 5

      CVS Video camcorder one-time-use 10EB 29.99 limit 5

      Kodak SD memory card 2gb 5 EB 14.99 limit 5

      7UP, canada dry, a&w or sunkist 12 pack, 12 oz cans 3EB when you buy 4. 4/$12 limit 1

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Drug Stores 10/26-11/1 CVS Deals