1 year license of ZoneAlarm Security Suite

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      *Limited time offer

      Click here for more details.


      How would you like to receive a new 1 year 1 user license of ZoneAlarm Security Suite for just trying our new Suite beta and providing helpful feedback* to our beta team.

      All you need to do is to click on the beta link below and read the entire page first then

      download the ZoneAlarm Security Suite client and install on your computer.

      Please use your computer and applications as you normally would and to qualify for a 1 year 1user license key you must provide helpful feedback* through the beta feedback online web form found on the beta download page no later than 5pm PST Monday 10/13/08.

      * Feedback must be complete and properly fill out with valid email, proper OS, product version, etc.

      You will be sent an email asked to provide logs or full dump files for your issue and/or to verify the beta was installed on your computer. This is required to receive a 1 year 1 user license.

      Check Point ZoneAlarm: Open Beta Program

      NOTE: ZoneAlarm beta products do not receive technical support.

      Get a free year of ZoneAlarm Suite! Download, Install, provide feedback* on beta – ZoneAlarm Public Beta Forum – ZoneAlarm User Forum

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      Wow, thats great, I wish I didnt have windows ME, If I had windows XP SP 2 or Windows Vista I could get this. I really need to upgrade my system because I am having problems finding a security suite that is compatible that updates.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies 1 year license of ZoneAlarm Security Suite