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How to Test Batteries at Home

We all have batteries lying around the house, sometimes they appear in random places, on a countertop, under a couch cushion, or in a kitchen junk drawer (surely there’s SOME life left to it, right? I mean, why else would someone have thrown it in there??). Here is a simple test that you can do yourself to test if your battery still has some life left to it . . .

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Removing Dried Bug Guts

Most of us look forward to the warm dog days of summer, but one of the downfalls of the summer heat, is the scorching suns ability to “bake” bug guts onto the front of our vehicles. You may have just washed it yesterday, but today, it’s plastered again and getting them off can take lots of elbow grease. Until now! Here’s a simple tip using an item you’d like throw away…

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