national fig week

National Fig Week

November 1st through the 7th is national fig week. Figs are one of the healthiest flowers around. Yes, I said flowers, figs are actually just flowers that have been inverted. On top of being a unique flower, figs offer a plethora of health benefits from lowering blood pressure, lose weight, and protecting against . . .

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july 2nd national anisette day

July 2nd: National Anisette Day

July 2nd is National Anisette Day- if you’re not familiar with Anisette, it’s a sweet, colorless anise-flavored liqueur that is frequently consumed in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. Originally, anisette was created as a lighter replacement for it’s considerably more potent counterpart, absinthe. Here’s a recipe for making your own Anisette Liqueur as well as a non-alcoholic Italian Anisette Cookie recipe to celebrate . . .

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july 1st national gingersnap day

July 1st: National Gingersnap Day

July 1st offers a couple different “National” food holidays- It’s National Gingersnap Day! Ginger snaps are relatively low in calories and the delicious ginger within them can offer numerous health benefits which include anti-inflammatory properties, help treat nausea, fight heart disease and more. Here are several tasty recipes for gingersnap cookies to help you celebrate . . .

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june 15th national lobster day

June 15th: National Lobster Day

Happy National Lobster Day! Having grown up in New England I have an affinity for Maine Lobster! In a twist of irony this rich and decadent food was once so abundant it was considered a poor mans dish. Here are some amazing facts about lobsters, as well as a recipe for poor mans lobster that might help your craving while staying within your grocery budget. . .

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june 12th national peanut butter cookie day

June 12th: National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day! While it was unclear the original origin of this holiday, We suspect the National Peanut board had something to do with declaring June 12th National Peanut butter cookie day, but nevertheless here are several fabulous tried and true, melt in your mouth Peanut butter cookie recipes . . .

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