hamburglar halloween costume idea

Hamburglar Halloween costume Idea

Hamburglar would have to be one of the most well-known characters, especially for kids. He is popularized by the McDonalds Company as a mascot. Making a Halloween costume based on this character is really a great idea. If you love this character, here are some directions to make a costume from basic items you have lying around the house . . .

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Road Rage Victim Costume

Looking around the house, in a panic to find a funny costume idea for my kid’s costume party, I come across a pair of old torn jeans and stained torn tee shirt. One of our kids had put those cloths in our yard sale bin. I know I can’t sell them, so I decided to use them for his costume. My husband had been working on our car and had our spare tire and a bucket of old burnt motor oil sitting in the carport, which gave me this funny costume idea, Road Rage Victim Costume!

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Falling Satellite Victim

There are a lot of different costumes for halloween available in stores now days but why spend that much when you can make good, unique and inexpensive ones right at home. All you have to do is use your imagination and come up with something no one else has. One good idea that is easy to make in a short amount of time is a falling satellite victim.

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gargoyle costume

Gargoyle costume

The history of the gargoyle dates the stone creature back at least three centuries. The specially-made creatures were designed so rain from a rooftop would run into the open top of the stone creature and spew out the mouth to direct it away from the building, preventing damage to the building. Animal or human figures were often depicted as frightening creatures with wings, horns, claws and other imaginary additions.

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