dirt cheap gardening

Dirt Cheap Gardening

The saying used to be “Dirt Cheap” but anyone who gardens knows that Dirt Cheap isn’t so truthful these days. On a recent visit to the home and garden center of our local Home & Garden store I discovered, much to my dismay, that a bag of “dirt” was quite expensive! Here are a few of our favorite gardening tips to bring you back to the days when having your own garden truly was “Dirt Cheap”!

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5ca00ae8232aa diy automatic garden watering system

DIY Automatic Garden Watering System

Gardening isn’t always inexpensive or cheap, in fact, it can be quite a costly endeavor, particularly if all your plants die halfway through the season due to lack of water or because they are choked out by weeds you didn’t have time to pluck. Here’s how we installed our own homemade automatic self- watering & weed free, no maintenance vegetable garden . . .

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5ca00921e6047 how to create a budget garden

How to Create a Budget Garden

Not everyone can be a landscaping maestro, as not everyone has the right budget for that. Creating a beautiful garden on a budget may seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right motivation, budgeting and understanding of your garden, you have a bespoke garden space – at a reasonable budget!

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