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How to Test Batteries at Home

We all have batteries lying around the house, sometimes they appear in random places, on a countertop, under a couch cushion, or in a kitchen junk drawer (surely there’s SOME life left to it, right? I mean, why else would someone have thrown it in there??). Here is a simple test that you can do yourself to test if your battery still has some life left to it . . .

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tired of stale air

Tired of Stale Air?

It’s that time of year again! Button down the hatches, seal up the windows & tell the kids to shut the door, they’re letting the heat out. You may have already noticed that it suddenly seems a little stuffy indoors. Here are some sure-fire tips to help remove toxins and alleviate that dry/stale air that tends to build up in homes this time of year. Did you know that certain common houseplants remove toxins?

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how to end leaking trash bags

How to End Leaking Trash Bags

Have you ever spent half the day cleaning, scrubbing the floors, making the house shine like the top of the the Chrysler building only to have someone take out the trash and leave a stream of nasty dirty “trash juice” drips across the floor before anyone realizes it’s even there?! Well I have and I’ve found a fantastic remedy to prevent it that utilizes an item we all have and usually hate . . .

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super laundry sauce stain test

Super Laundry Sauce Stain Test

Since we shared our Super Laundry Sauce Recipe many have asked “How is it on Tough Stains?” We thought we’d put it to the test. We took fresh grimy dirt, ketchup & Mustard and ground them right into white washcloths. Since most people don’t have a chance to treat stains until they go to launder them, we let them set overnight to dry into the fabric, allowing them to set it. Then, we washed them with our homemade Super Laundry sauce, without pre-treating them at all . . . and here are our results…

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