myo vitamix dome lid gasket

MYO VitaMix Dome Lid Gasket

We have a Vita-Mix Commercial Maxi-4000. The Dome Lid Gasket broke. We COULD NOT find another gasket from Vita-Mix or any other small appliance repair shop, NOR anyplace on-line.Vita-Mix has stopped making these gaskets or any parts for this machine. You can get them on Ebay for $12 or so for just ONE. Too expensive for us! Our solution is to . . .

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5ca00a4b931ee myo easy dissolve cold water laundry tablets

MYO Easy Dissolve Cold Water Laundry Tablets

We love using our Original Super Laundry Sauce detergent recipe, it is by far the most frugal option out there, but there are occasions when we need a dry soap that is easy to store or pack away, such as when we’re camping, or traveling and can’t bring glass, etc. Here is a Very simple, do it yourself recipe for making your own Easy Dissolve cold water Laundry tablets.

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myo chalkboard paint

MYO Chalkboard Paint

Chalk paint and chalkboard paint are not exactly the same thing. Chalkboard paint (aka blackboard paint) is used to create a writable surface for drawing, notes, etc. Chalk paint is used to refinish items without needing to scrub, sand and prime them first. Here’s how to make your own Chalkboard paint in any color you’d like…

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